Legacy in the making

The idea of “Plants”, a sustainable salon chain, started to take form in the year 2019. We wanted to pioneer this shift in customer preferences and make sustainable professional beauty a reality. We talked to many customers, analysed our competitors, and after nearly a year of painstaking efforts, launched our first salon in Manipal in 2021. 

Our idea and concept of a sustainable salon chain were quickly validated with all the love and positive feedback from our clients, who shared and related to our vision. Armed with our customers’ strength and love, we launched our second salon in Valencia third salon at nexus mall Mangalore.

The first quarter of 2023 has a lot of promise and a positive outlook for us as we work towards opening new salons in Chennai, Bangalore, Coimbatore, Shimoga, Chikmagalur and Udupi.


We aim farther than the rest

At Plants, we believe in a circular economy and sustainable practices. We are an equal-opportunity employer, do not discriminate against our workforce, and are LGBTQ-friendly. We provide our crew with apt training so you can experience world-class service and nothing less. 

We believe in giving equal representation to those left behind in this fast-paced world and allowing them to better their chances of earning a spot at the table. 

All products used in Plants salons are specially curated for customers who truly care for nature and believe in sustainability practices. All products used in our salons must be sourced naturally and sustainably to be a part of the Plants catalogue delivering the same results our customers love.


It's not just whistles and bells

When we were starting Plants and thinking about different ways of incorporating sustainability, we thought of many initiatives that would indirectly positively impact the environment. But as time progressed, we felt we had to take up initiatives that would directly impact the environment and make it richer. And so, in that spirit, we decided that every time a customer gets services worth Rupees Three thousand or above, we will plant a tree in their name. 

We are working with many NGOs to make this happen for our clients; every such tree planted can be accessed by our clients to check on its geo-location and track its growth. Our clients will also be provided with a certificate that certifies that a tree has been planted on their behalf. This is a crucial step in the walk towards sustainability and has the most significant impact of all our initiatives.